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How to Plan Your Race Night

The Venue & Publicity.
You need enough room to allow an informal layout and to ensure people can move about easily, but with a good view of the Video Screen. Arrange the seating and tables in the room in a Herringbone Fashion, so that only one chair has it's back to the screen. The Tote and Payout desk should be at the Front of the room, and you must allow enough space for the Video Projector and Screen.

Planning your Race Card
Your program should list all the races to be run the horses running in each race, and the race sponsors. Since only numbers identify the horses in each race, it does not matter which video is chosen and which names are on the race card. More importantly for a fund raising event the Race Card is a valuable source of income. Used properly it can cover the cost of your event, and more.

First you can sell the race card on the evening for say 10p to £1 or include it with your admission fee. Second you can get local firms to sponsor each of the 8 races, for say £15 -£20 or provide the prize for the winning owner in their race. Let the sponsors put their name to the race - they like this and it's good for getting prizes!

Third you can sell the horses to members. They become the "owners" and their name and choice of horse name are shown on the race card. If their horse wins the race they win a prize. (Paid for out of the sale of owners or donated from the race sponsors)

Don't forget, the more money you can raise before the event the less you are relying of the Tote Money on the evening.

Setting up the Tote
Our Compere will organise all this, but it is important to ensure the betting is handled simply. You need a table large enough to sell the tickets and you may need a separate payout table for the winning numbered horse. A percentage (usually 50%) is taken out of all the bets for your funds. The remainder is divided equally among those who bet on the winning horse. As soon as the race is over the payout dividend is announced and the lucky punters can collect their winnings from the payout desk.

You will need to ensure you have a small cash float on the night. For 100 people you should get something like £50.00 but as we always round the payouts to the nearest 50p the only coins you will need are 50p and £1.00 but do get some £5.00 and £10.00 Notes. Everybody seems to pay with notes at the start of the night!

How the betting works
Our Compere will sort out all the odds for you and announce the results. But remember:-

1. Initially, you will need a small float of £50 (£1 coins, some £5.00 and £10.00 notes).
2. Sell the Tote Tickets at 50p/£1.00/£2.00each, the choice is yours - stick to one price throughout the night. (£1.00 is the normal amount)
3. When all bets have been placed we will officially close the betting and let the race run.
4. Before the night you should have decided what percentage of the betting you are paying out. Most race nights pay out 50% of the amount staked, the profits going to the charity organisation you are raising funds for. This amount is entirely up to you but 50% is a good benchmark.
5. We will announce the amount being paid out on each winning ticket and ask all winning ticket holders to go to the payout desk. Some of your stake money should be transferred ready to make it a speedy payout.
6. When all winning tickets have been paid out, we open the betting on the next race.

Auction Race
If you have sold all the owners for all the races make the last race of the evening the Auction Race. Sell the chance to be a 'Trainer' for each horse to the highest bidders. The winning trainer of the winning horse in the race receives 50% of the Monies raised during the auction. Your charity fund keeps the rest. This is a great way to raise extra money on the last race - our compere will handle this for you on the night.

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